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Simplified Employee Monitoring for Small Businesses, Delivered by Unity Solutions

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Welcome to Unity Solutions, where we provide businesses like yours with the tools and technology to stay ahead of the competition. One such tool is Teramind, an employee monitoring solution designed to enhance your small business's productivity, security, and efficiency. Let's explain how Teramind can benefit your business.

What is Teramind?

Teramind is a powerful software solution that enables small businesses to monitor their employees' computer activities. It helps you monitor how your team uses their time, ensuring that everyone is working effectively and securely. With Teramind, you can track everything from website usage to email exchanges, giving you a complete picture of your employees' work habits.

Benefits of Teramind for Small Businesses


Improved Productivity

Teramind helps you identify and eliminate time-wasting activities, ensuring your team works efficiently. By tracking work patterns, you can identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching to your employees.


Enhanced Security

Teramind helps protect sensitive business data by monitoring for suspicious activities, such as unauthorised file access or data transfers. With real-time alerts, you can quickly take action to prevent data breaches.


Streamlined Compliance

Teramind simplifies the compliance process with industry regulations. It automatically logs employee activities, making producing reports and demonstrating adherence to required standards easy.


Easy Remote Management

With Teramind's cloud-based platform, you can monitor and manage your team from anywhere, at any time. This is especially useful for small businesses with remote or distributed teams.

Why Choose Unity Solutions for Teramind?

At Unity Solutions, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face. That's why we've partnered with Teramind to bring you a simplified, cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.


Our dedicated team of experts will help you implement Teramind seamlessly and provide ongoing support to ensure your business continues to thrive.

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Getting Started with Teramind

At Unity Solutions, we understand the importance of effective communication for small businesses. We offer reliable and affordable Voice Services through 3CX and Hosted PBX. Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can empower your business and help you stay connected with your team and customers

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