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Voice Services for Small Businesses: 3CX and Hosted PBX by Unity Solutions

Empower Your Small Business with Reliable and Affordable Communication Solutions


Welcome to Unity Solutions! We specialise in providing accessible and reliable communication tools for small businesses like yours. Our Voice Services offer a range of options, including 3CX and Hosted PBX systems, to ensure seamless communication within your organisation and with your customers. We break down these terms and explain how our services can benefit your small business.

What are 3CX and Hosted PBX?

In layman's terms, 3CX and Hosted PBX are advanced communication systems enabling your business to make and receive calls, engage in video conferencing, and even send online messages.


This software-based phone system leverages the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to manage all your business communication needs. 3CX is easy to install, cost-effective, and provides features like call recording, video conferencing, and mobile app integration.

Hosted PBX

Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a cloud-based phone system that handles your company's incoming and outgoing calls without expensive on-site equipment. Hosted PBX is managed by Unity Solutions, ensuring hassle-free and reliable communication services for your business.

Benefits of Unity Solutions' Voice Services for Small Businesses



Our 3CX and Hosted PBX solutions eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance, reducing your overall communication expenses.


Easy to Scale

As your business grows, our solutions can expand with you, allowing you to add or remove phone lines, extensions, and features without hassle.


Enhanced Features

Both 3CX and Hosted PBX provide advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail to email, call recording, and more to help streamline your business communication.


Remote Work Compatibility

With our Voice Services, your employees can access your phone system from anywhere using their smartphones, laptops, or other devices, making remote work seamless and efficient.


Exceptional Support

Unity Solutions provides outstanding customer service and technical support to ensure your communication system is always up and running smoothly.

Our Pricing


At Unity Solutions, we understand the importance of effective communication for small businesses. We offer reliable and affordable Voice Services through 3CX and Hosted PBX. Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can empower your business and help you stay connected with your team and customers

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